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Milas–Bodrum Airport - All Information on Milas–Bodrum Airport (BJV)

Milas Bodrum Airport (BJV) Milas Bodrum Airport (BJV)

Milas Bodrum Airport

Ekinanbarı, Havalimanı Sk, 48200 Milas/Muğla, Turkey
+90 0 252 511 10 00, +90 0 252 511 10 00
+90 252 511 1100 or +90 252 511 10 00 (Lost + Found)
Milas–Bodrum Airport - All Information on Milas–Bodrum Airport (BJV)

Milas–Bodrum Airport (IATA: BJV, ICAO: LTFE) is a public international airport that serves the Turkish towns of Bodrum and Milas. The airport is situated between the said towns, approximately 36km northeast of Bodrum and 16km south of Milas, particularly on a peninsula nearby a Greek island.

The airport is owned and managed by TAV Airports Holding, General Directorate of State Airports Authority. It has an elevation of 21 feet Above Mean Sea Level (AMSL).

Now, it has a comprehensive and spacious new international terminal that was completed in 2000 and then became the domestic terminal in 2012 after completing the latest structure facility for the international airport.

The old terminal, located next to the international airport, currently serves domestic flights.

The new airport terminal is designed to handle 5 million passengers a year, and based on the statistical record of the administration, the passenger flights per year reach up to 2.5 million. Therefore, the facility is primarily busy during peak seasons, especially during summer when charter flights frequently travel to and from Milas-Bodrum Airport.

The new facility opened in June 2012, and the airport operation was transferred to a private company that runs it on behalf of the Turkish Government. The renovated terminal has now embraced modernization with additional seating amenities and two outdoor smoking areas, which can be accessed from the departure lounge. In addition, enhancements and some improvements to the system were made to the check-in area.

History of Milas-Bodrum Airport

Milas-Bodrum Airport, formerly known as Bodrum Airport, was built in 1997. According to recent reports, in 2014, over 19 million passengers visited this beautiful region.

TAV Airports Holding, short for Turkish Havalimanlari Holding, is a private Turkish company that manages airport operations. They are also a service firm part of Groupe ADP, formerly Aéroports de Paris, an international airport operator that owns and operates several Parisian international flights.

The TAV Airports has undertaken the operation of the International Terminal of Milas-Bodrum Airport, one of Turkey's major tourist destinations.

TAV won the bidding for €717 million plus the Value Added Tax (VAT) and held the award to operate Milas-Bodrum Airport until 2035.

TAV Airports is the leading global brand in Turkey when it comes to the airport operations sector.

TAV Airports President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sani Şener said that Milas-Bodrum Airport connects one of Turkey's most important tourism centers to the rest of the world, achieving a 16 percent increase in the annual passenger capacity of the airport.

The administration is determined to take on the challenge and its endeavor to deliver such a quality performance at the international terminal. Today, most of the products and services of TAV are in use at 70 airports in 16 countries.

CEO Sani Şener believes that with the airport's help, Bodrum will eventually become the fourth largest city in Turkey in the next 15 to 20 years. The company aims to increase direct flights in close collaboration with local authorities and players in the tourism industry. They are also planning to make Bodrum a center of attraction and a primary destination in the country.

Milas-Bodrum International Airport has one of the busiest landing strips in the Aegean Region of Turkey. It plays a significant role in the transportation and tourism centers such as Didim, Kuşadası, Söke of Aydın province, and Muğla.

Transfer Services at Milas-Bodrum Airport

Transfer services at Milas-Bodrum Airport are within reach through its ground transportation center outside the terminal.

Car rentals, taxis, rideshares, shuttles, and buses are available for transportation at the airport.

It is recommended for travelers to secure their baggage and personal belongings. Please check the luggage requirements on what items are allowed on hand carries and check-in baggage.

Rental Car Services at Milas-Bodrum Airport

At Milas-Bodrum Airport, there are both local and foreign automobile rental companies.

On the lower level, you'll find car rental counters in the Arrivals area.

The following rules must be adhered to by airport car rental customers:

  • A driver's license that is up to date and valid
  • The use of a legitimate credit card as a payment
  • The second form of identification is required. Passport or other valid identification cards
  • Transaction/agreement forms that have been completed.

Renting a car requires a driver to be at least 21 years old. In addition, tenants under the age of 25 may face additional fees. See and compare all rental car companies at Milas–Bodrum Airport.

Renting a car at the airport can be risky, so it's best to download the car rental company's app to your smartphone ahead of time and secure your safety and convenience.

The cost of renting a car varies based on the type of vehicle and the rental business.

Ride Shares at Milas-Bodrum Airport

Rideshare vehicles are also available at Milas-Bodrum Airport. However, passengers should pre-book their car for hassle-free travel.

They may book their rideshare vehicles online by downloading the company's application on their smartphone or contacting them on their hotline.

Uber, Lyft, and other local rideshare companies can pick up and drop off passengers at designated areas at the airport's ground transportation.

Rideshare fares may vary depending on the selected vehicle size and destination point.

Taxis at Milas-Bodrum Airport

Taxis are one of the transport vehicles serving Milas-Bodrum Airport. Look for them outside the terminal building.

They are only allowed to pick up and drop off passengers at designated taxi bays in the airport's ground transportation section. See more information about taxis at Milas–Bodrum Airport.

Bodrum city center is about 34km from the airport, which is a 35-minute drive via the D330 route.

The estimated taxi rate from the airport to Bodrum and vice versa ranges from ₺130.00 to ₺140.00.

The taxi rates may vary depending upon the destination and traffic conditions in the area.

Buses at Milas-Bodrum Airport

Dolmus mini buses and local buses are Bodrum's public transportation.

Buses are available outside the domestic and international. Passengers are picked up at the Torba Junction Underpass and Guvercinlik Metro. More information about buses to and from Milas–Bodrum Airport.

Bus rates may vary depending upon the passenger's destination.

Trains at Milas-Bodrum Airport

Train transit is not available in the metro. Therefore, we do not recommend this form of transportation. More information about train services near Milas–Bodrum Airport.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Milas-Bodrum Airport

Hotel and Non-Hotel Shuttles can only pick up and drop off passengers at the ground transportation center of each terminal at Milas-Bodrum International Airport.

It is advised for passengers to contact their hotels for reservation of shuttle transfers to and from the airport.

For Non-Hotel Shuttle services, they are available outside the airport terminal.

Shuttle rates may vary depending upon your transaction with the transfer service provider.

Parking at Milas-Bodrum Airport

Milas-Bodrum Airport provides convenient and secure car parks. There is Short-Term and Long-Term parking in the area.

Car parks are located across the airport terminal. The parking fee varies depending upon the vehicle type and duration of stay in the car park. See more information about short and long term parking at Milas–Bodrum Airport.

Other Services at Milas-Bodrum Airport

Wi-Fi at Milas-Bodrum Airport

Wi-Fi services are available only at lounges and private food hubs in Domestic and International Terminals.

ATMs at Milas-Bodrum Airport

Automatic Teller Machines are available at the airport. ATM locations are at the Arrivals Hall of the International Terminal and the entrance point of the Domestic Terminal.

Currency exchange at Milas-Bodrum Airport

Money changing or currency exchange services are available at the airport. They are located at the International Terminal.

Nursing Stations at Milas-Bodrum Airport

There are no exclusive nursing rooms for mothers at Milas-Bodrum Airport. However, there are accessible restrooms designated for persons with reduced mobility and passengers with special needs or nursing mothers.

Restrooms at Milas-Bodrum Airport

Restrooms or toilets are available in pre-and post-security areas of the Domestic and International Terminals of Milas-Bodrum Airport.

Food and Beverages at Milas-Bodrum Airport

Milas-Bodrum Airport offers several options for food concessions both in Domestic and International Terminals. However, they operate at varying hours.

Smoking at Milas-Bodrum Airport

Smoking is strictly prohibited within the terminal premises of Milas-Bodrum Airport. However, there are designated smoking lounges inside the International Terminal; one is on the left-hand side when facing the check-in desks at the Departures area, and the other is located in the post-security area of the terminal.

The Domestic Terminal also has designated smoking areas at the Departures Area.

Lost and Found Section at Milas-Bodrum Airport

Each terminal's Lost and Found Section is located in the Arrivals Area.

All lost items within terminals or the airport premises are taken and stored at the Lost and Found office facility.

For assistance, passengers who have concerns about some lost items.

  • The Domestic Terminal may contact its Lost and Found Office at +90 252 511 1100 or email them at
  • However, it is the International terminal, don't hesitate to contact +90 252 511 10 00 or send them a message at

Airport Communication Center at Milas-Bodrum Airport

Information desks are available on the ground level of Domestic and International Terminals.

Pet Relief at Milas-Bodrum Airport

Pet/animal areas are located at the Departure Hall of each terminal.

To all inbound and outbound passengers of Milas-Bodrum Airport, traveling with their pets should comply with requirements.

Breeds of cats and dogs with valid vaccination and health certificates are allowed and accepted in the airport; they must secure entry permissions and other documents required by transit countries, and sizes must be suitable to be carried in a cage.

Pet transportation procedures may vary according to the passenger's selected airline company. Please get in touch with your airline provider for further information if you plan to travel with your pet.

Baggage Claim at Milas-Bodrum Airport

Baggage Claim Areas are located at the Arrivals Hall of each terminal.

Milas-Bodrum Airport provides signs for passengers leading to the Arrivals Hall.

Disabled Passengers at Milas-Bodrum Airport

Milas-Bodrum Airport is a disabled-friendly facility that provides convenience and comfort for persons with reduced mobility or individuals with special needs.

Passengers are recommended to contact their airline provider for wheelchair assistance upon arriving or departing from the airport.

Individuals with reduced mobility and special needs must be registered earlier with their respective airline carriers to ensure smooth and hassle-free travel.

Milas-Bodrum Airport Contacts

Address: Ekinanbarı, Havalimanı Sk, 48200 Milas/Muğla, Turkey

General Phone: +90 0 252 511 10 00 ext. 1100 (Domestic Terminal) and +90 0 252 511 10 00 ext. 1000 (International Terminal)


Lost and Found Phone: +90 252 511 1100 or +90 252 511 10 00

Official Website:

Local Information

Drive on: Right

Electricity: 230V/50Hz

Plug: C and F

Currency: Turkish Lira, TL, Lira, ₺

Wi-Fi at Airport: Wi-Fi internet access is only available at lounges and private food concessions of both terminals.

Services at Milas Bodrum Airport

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